Dariush Grand Hotel was built as a look like Persepolis, a symbol of the glory and splendor of the ancient Persian (Iranian) civilization and the Persian Empire. The hotel was designed and developed by Iranian entrepreneur Hossein Sabet, who also owns and manages several tourist attractions and hotels in the Canary Islands. The hotel was completed in 2003 and is owned by a number of companies[citation needed] .

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The highly thought out Persian castel

sabet1The highly thought out Persian castel will not allow their ancient ancestral culture and civilization to be lost. the time that the riligion of islam was invited to iran with the offorts of the great and brilliant more …

Great Dariush

dariush_statueGod willing, I am such who do like the truth and abstain the lie. I dislike that a weak person suffers from unjust. As well I dislike that the powerful person’s rights would be harmed by a weak person’s acts. I do like whatever is right. I am not a friend of a liar. I am not a furious person. Even the anger provokes me I suppress it. I am severely the sovereign of my caprice.

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