DARIUSH GRAND HOTEL Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 11:01 pm 

dariush_statueKish Island is a part of our ancient Iran. This island is so beautiful and pleasing that its clean air and blue sea invite every human to coexist with nature. Now, the hands and the hearts have come so close together that with small remembrance of the ancient Persian civilization link other nations with the history of this gracious land. This is the beginning of revolution in the growth and development of the Iranian people and Kish Island can be the best place to start. more…

The highly thought out Persian castel

sabet1The highly thought out Persian castel will not allow their ancient ancestral culture and civilization to be lost. the time that the riligion of islam was invited to iran with the offorts of the great and brilliant more …

Great Dariush

dariush_statueGod willing, I am such who do like the truth and abstain the lie. I dislike that a weak person suffers from unjust. As well I dislike that the powerful person’s rights would be harmed by a weak person’s acts. I do like whatever is right. I am not a friend of a liar. I am not a furious person. Even the anger provokes me I suppress it. I am severely the sovereign of my caprice.

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