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Important Notes:

  • The enter time to the hotel is not the criteria for our calculations and the evacuation hour is 12:00 in noon.
  • Considering extension of hotel reserves, please evacuate the room in the required time.
  • If you wish to extend the assigned deadline, please coordinate the matter with the admission before 9:00 a.m.
  • The extension cost from 12:00 to 18:00 is 50% of your accommodation cost and after 18:00 you shall pay the cost for a full night accommodation.
  • Hotel accepts no responsibility against the cash sums and valuable items of its guests; for your welfare, special boxes are assigned for keeping your valuable items inside the room.
  • Breakfast serve hour from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  • For offering more proper services to you, I recommend you to come before 9:30 a.m. for eating breakfast
  • Notes that considering the compactness and extended and green attendance of the respectful guests, please wait until empty seats become available for you at times that you refer after 9:30 a.m.
  1. 13- Formalities: hotel is ready to present the facilities required for convening conferences and gatherings. For more clarification, please contact Admission.
  2. 3- Intracity Telephones: intracity conversations (inside the island) will be free of charge. You may do so dialing 9 and then the considered number.
  3. 4- Intercity and International Phones: dialing no. 9, you will have an open intercity line after which action you may dial the considered number.
  4. 5- Fax Services: if you need to send and receive faxes, you may contact Admission.
  5. 22-For reserving room, contact this unit (Reservation).
  6. 15- TV: TV channels include local channels, satellite news and video films all accessible inside your room; enjoy it.
  7. 12- Suitcase Carrier: if you need someone to carry your suitcase and personnel devices and to keep them inside the related storehouse, please contact this division. For the sake of your welfare, a special storehouse is considered for this purpose and for keeping items you have bought from Island market in the eastern entrance of the hotel.
  8. 13- Housekeeping: Contract this section through this phone number if you need to clean your room and receive towel and bathroom items.
  9. 16- Stores: stores are located in the 1st floor around the main corridor of the hotel.
  10. 15-Praying Direction: prayer direction is attached on the ceiling inside your room.
  11. 2- Don’t Disturb Card: hand this card from the external handheld of your room’s door and take it after use please or the hotel keeper will do so after 48 hours entering your room without the need for prior coordination. In addition if you want to reject incomer called, please inform the telephone center or admission of this matter.
  12. 8- Guests Affair: please inform us of any recommendation or criticism that you may have using this phone number.
  13. 10- Room Service: 24-hour room service of the hotel with variety of cold and hot beverages, food, and various desserts are at the service of dear guests.
  14. 9- Heating and Cooling: The heating and chilling system of your room is adjustable separately and you can adjust cold and heat inside your room through white thermostat installed over the wall. Inform the admission of any fault.
  15. 10- Laundering: you may deliver your clothing to the laundry until 11 a.m. or your clothes will be ready the next day if submitted after the considered time.
  16. 7-Coffee Shop: coffee shop of the hotel is ready from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to serve variety of cold and hot beverages and desserts at the site of hotel’s lobby.
  17. 21- Coffee Net: coffee net is set inside hotel’s lobby offering round-the-clock (24hr) related services.
  18. Tennis Field: located at the northern line behind the main building of the hotel/fishing
  19. 23- Fire and required proceedings: if any fire incident happens, please inform the engineering unit, use of one of the emergency exits of the floor assigned in the map attached behind your room’s door and evacuate the site immediately. Never use elevators of the hotel at the time of fire.
  20. 20- Lost Items: Please call the housekeeping of the Admission.
  21. 18- Admission and Information Center: please contact the information center for any information.
  22. 19- Message: all your messages can be accommodated by the Addmission.
  23. 11-Exit Date: please inform the Admission of any change in your decision with regard to date of evacuation (exit).

Room Service Menu:

Shrimp Cocktail (with special sauce with fresh lemon and water-baked egg)

Day Soup/Seasonal Salad/Chef Salad (Lettuce- Tomato- Red Cheese- Chicken- Kielbasa- Roast Biff)/ Italian Salad (Pickle-Kielbasa- Red Cheese- Beef Tongue- Lettuce)/ Yogurt and Cucumber (Nut Core- Dill- Green Cucumber- Currant)/ Simple Yogurt/ Torrendo Steak (Fillet of Calf with special mustard sauce with fried potato and vegetables)/ Solon Steak (Chine of Calf with pepper sauce with fried potato and vegetables)

Chicken Steak/ Steak Sandwich/ Hamburger Sandwich/ Cheeseburger Sandwich/ Double Burger Sandwich/ Rose Water Sandwich/ Canned Fish Sandwich/ Spaghetti/Special Pizza/ Chicken and Mushroom Pizza/ Chicken Sandwich/ Single Cake/ Mous Chocolate/ Caramel Cream/ Polembir Gel/ French Coffee/ Double Tea/ Beverage/ Watery Yogurt/ Barley Water/ Small Mineral Water/ Big Mineral Water

A 15% sum will be added to the aforementioned rates as service cost.

Bicycling Field: located at the northern line of the hotel behind the main building

Pool: one of the most beautiful pools of the world with peculiar landscape in a Nile-Like Bay is ready to serve dear guests; out of the main building

Body Building Saloon: equipped with body building equipment in the 3rd floor of the hotel beside housekeeping

Billiard Saloon: equipped with various related tables in the 2nd floor of the hotel and free of charge

Ping pong: located at the ground floor; free of charge

Bay of the Hotel: located at the northern line behind the main building

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