Hotel Tour & Entertainment

Package of the Tourism Programs of Dariush Big Hotel


- Followings are different locations of the Hotel:


  • Boating inside the hotel’s bay
  • Tennis field
  • Body bulging saloon
  • Billiard
  • Internet and airless in lobby
  • Open pool
  • Coffee Net
  • Rent Car

- Recreational and tourism locations and beautiful markets of Kish:

  • Carting, Maryam Bulling, Coral Shore, Bicycle Riding, Big Recreational and Riding Field
  • Pardis Market 1 and 2, Morvarid (Pearl) Market, Maryam Market, Market of Kish Business Center, Paniz Market.

Work hours of market: Days: 9:30 a.m.- 13:30 Afternoons: 17:300 23:30

Also notes that for reserving and providing the ticket for the above programs, please go to the Tourism Division of Dariush Big Hotel.

Contact Number of the Hotel Tourism Division: 497

 Best Wishes,

Reservation and Tourism Affairs of Dariush Big Hotel

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